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Our new location is in Blue Ash Ohio. We moved our marketing agency from Cincinnati's Over the Rhine in December of 2019. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please call us at (513) 463-3429. In order to keep our employees healthy and safe, walk-ins are not currently welcome.

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Phone: (513) 463-3429
Address: 11223 Cornell Park Drive Suite 301, Blue Ash Ohio 45242

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Free SEO Report / Audit Graphic - Magnifying Lense Over Laptop

Free Industrial Website SEO Reports till August 31

Lohre & Associates Industrial Marketing will offer free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Scores and Reports through the month of August.

These search engine optimization reports outline all of the less-seen technical SEO issues as we focus heavily on the SEO benefits of good design, good server configuration, and good programming. If your site, server, or content is mis-configured there is a very good chance that all of your other investments in SEO will be wasted. We are happy to help put you on the right course with your SEO, because we believe that experiencing our level of service and dedication to excellence will encourage your company to use us for other marketing services.

Our free scan can help assess your keyword weight for a single page, or for an entire site.
Our free scan can help assess your keyword weight for a single page, or for an entire site.

How can a free SEO report be more useful than hiring an “SEO” agency?

A lot of other SEO agencies advertise that they do SEO, but typically they are not actually optimizing anything save for some minor content tweaks as recommended by Yoast or similar tools. Instead they focus on link building, a practice often looked down on by Google and other search engines. This practice, even when done properly can actually hurt your SEO score if it is noticed by search’s increasingly-strict algorithms. Link building is merely Search Engine Manipulation. Using “pay for play” websites for technical articles, spamming websites and comment sections, writing blog owners in hopes of getting a guest post with a link are some of the strategies that can come back to haunt a website in the long run.

An SEO Scan for DNS and other confguration issues
An SEO Scan for DNS and other configuration issues

Is link building a bad practice?

Link building is not entirely bad, and it can even be necessary, but it has to be done right. The best link building comes from creating great content that others want to reference and link to in their own articles. Writing great technical articles that are unique also helps to get some of the right search traffic.  If the content is decent, visitors stay to read. The resulting low bounce rates to prove to search engines that your content is the perfect fit for those keywords, and you’ll move upward in search. Great link building through good content is more  of a job for a marketing agency who specialized in great by-lined technical articles, even better if they, like us, have enough SEO know-how to optimize that content. Another great way to approach link building is by writing great technical articles good enough to be published in actual known and respected industry-related magazines. Links are harder to come by there because respectable magazines do not want to become the sort of “link farms” that search engines and reputation ranking websites might penalize.

Free Backlinks SEO scan results - bad links are shown
Bad links (links scoring 4-7 on our scale) are worse than no links at all. These can come from phony magazines and blogs a bad SEO will link you from, or links produced when your website has been hacked. Companies are often surprised to find their website has been host to fake drug or gambling websites.

How is a technical SEO report more important than link building?

We find that the most important part of SEO is actual Search Engine Optimization, a purely technical task, starting at the bottom, on the website and server side. Our reports are solid tried and true reports that tell you all of the places where your website might be failing your SEO efforts on a technical level. Even if you choose to go with a great link-building campaign done right, having a good technical footing on your website is essential.

With a solid technical report on your website’s SEO, you may find that there is a lot that can be fixed without hiring an agency. These may be things as simple as upgrading to a better web host, having your registrar improve some fine points on your domain’s registry, getting a secure certificate for your website, even improving some glaring issues with your website’s content such as changing heading tags or adding alt tags to images. If you are using a CMS (Content management system) these content fixes may be easy enough for any member of your staff to correct without having an agency professional on the payroll. That part of your web marketing budget could be saved to hire agencies like ours for the heavy hitting from purely technical work to great copy writing.

Keyword analysis SEO scan of an industrial website
A Keyword analysis of an industrial website can show it is not just about the words used, but their frequency and how and where they are placed.

How does my company compare to other Industrial Manufacturers?

We have found that a GREAT site with very few and minor search problems will score above 72 in our system. It takes a *lot* of work to get a website above 85, and for some sites this is not possible due to the CRM, theme/template, or needed plugins/add-ons. For some pages it will be less than possible for needed content and for customer experience. Main pages to websites are typically expected to be a 72 or less to fit their purpose. If a website is very fine-tuned, subpages and posts could expect to score 75 on a well-designed website on a good server, 85 with a good SEO’s help. We’ve gotten pages and even websites as high as 100, as an experiment, but reduced them to 95 soon after because some things (analytics, crisp images, animations, etc.) can be more important than a perfect SEO score.

A full SEO report with a technical SEO score of 95.6
An SEO score of above 90 is usually overkill, and a good site will come in at 75 or above. We find that our competitors sites tend to score between 60 and 75, and their customers’ websites between 45 and 75.

How does an industrial company get their free SEO assessment?

You can reach us by phone, though our contact form (below), or you can even create a support ticket.

    Myke Amend is a well-known painter and illustrator who began working with Lohre & Associates as a web developer in 1999. With a long history of creating great print ads Disney Fine Art, and an amazing attention to detail in website design, web development, programming, and SEO, he was a perfect fit for our Industrial Marketing team.

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