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Our new location is in Blue Ash Ohio. We moved our marketing agency from Cincinnati's Over the Rhine in December of 2019. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please call us at (513) 463-3429. In order to keep our employees healthy and safe, walk-ins are not currently welcome.

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U.S. Chemical Process Industries: Catching the Capital Spending Wave

From Chemical Engineering Magazine, Webinar June 14, 2 p.m. EDT, $95

Process_Equipment_Marketing.pngThis webinar examines the current status of the U.S. chemical industry as well as its outlook over the next several years. We will start with examination of the economic environment, with further emphasis on housing, light vehicles and other important end-use markets. We will then focus on: 1) basic chemicals and synthetic materials; and 2) specialty chemicals.

Our premise is that fortunes of the former segment represent a supply driven gain in output, the result of the shale gas revolution and the renewed competitiveness of the U.S. industry. Changing energy dynamics are playing a role and we will analyze the effects of low oil prices are having on competitiveness, uncertainty and the wave of announced investments. Our premise is that fortunes of the latter segment represent a demand driven gain in output, the result of the manufacturing renaissance currently underway.

We will analyze the effects of the current soft patch in manufacturing and how it affects the various specialty chemical segments. Of particular interest to those in process engineering and chemical company capital programs we will assess the unprecedented wave of capital spending (and capacity expansion) by segment, by asset, and by geography.

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Kevin Swift, Chief Economist, American Chemistry Council

Dr. Swift is the chief economist at the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in Arlington, VA where he is responsible for economic and other analyses dealing with markets, energy, trade, tax, and innovation, as well as monitoring business conditions, identifying emerging trends, and assessing the economic and societal contributions of the business of chemistry. Prior to joining the ACC, Dr. Swift held executive and senior level positions at several business information/database companies. He started his career at Dow Chemical USA.

Dr. Swift is a member of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), the Harvard Discussion Group of Industrial Economists, and the National Business Economics Issues Council (NBEIC). He is a member of The Wall Street Journal Forecasters’ Survey panel, NABE’s panel of forecasters, and a participant in the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank’s forecasters’ survey. He chairs the NABE Education Committee and for his service as a professional economist and contributions to the profession, he was elected a NABE Fellow. He was also one of the first to achieve NABE’s Certified Business Economist (CBE) designation.

Dr. Swift is a graduate of Ashland College with a BA degree and a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with an MA degree in Economics. He is also a graduate of Anglia Polytechnic University with a doctorate in business administration (DBA) degree and has completed studies at Harvard University and the University of Oxford. Dr. Swift is an adjunct professor of business economics for the MBA program at the University of Mary Washington. He is also a member of the Heritage Council of the Chemical Heritage Foundation.


The current status and outlook for the U.S. economy

The current status and outlook for the U.S. chemical industry and where opportunities lie within specialty chemicals and basic chemicals and synthetic materials

The current status of the wave of U.S. chemical industry capital spending


Process engineers

Plant manager

Product managers and decision-makers

Market, planning and other analysts

About Lohre & Associates, Inc., Marketing Communications

Mission: To continually put in front of our clients the most cost effective methods of marketing communication.

Company Overview: Agency has provided clients with marketing strategy and execution since 1935. Whether it is through media and publicity, print media and advertising, trade show execution, photography, video or web site design, Lohre & Associates successfully integrates client needs and results.

Description: Full service advertising agency specializing in mechanical, chemical, food, electrical and sustainable building technologies. On May 5, 2011 Lohre & Associates’ offices was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification. The office is in the top 4% in the world in their category and included in a GreenBiz post on the top ten Green Building projects in the world. The certification represents the company’s commitment to be a leader in advanced and sustainable building materials and services marketing. Learn more at

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Kick Ass LEED Platinum Green Marketing

We compare NYC’s Frye store with Lohre & Assoc.’s LEED Platinum Commercial Interiors

Yesterday we visited the Frye store in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood. You might recognize Frye’s heritage as a shoe and bootmaker, but today it’s a lifestyle fashion brand. The Spring Street store serves as one of its flagship locations and this particular one earned LEED Platinum. The store manager didn’t know much about the LEED certification (and the store doesn’t point out its LEED status through graphics), so we enjoyed filling him in on what we saw and suspected. Both Lohre & Assoc. and Frye obtained LEED Platinum under v2009 so it’s a direct comparison. Using credit sheets for each, we were able to quickly scan and compare the projects.

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NeuRoad Patchmobile Quickly Fills, Packs and Rolls Pothole in a Single Operation

New instant pothole filling system operates at 30 mph

New technologies for pattern recognition, 3D analysis and 3D printing technology have allowed NeuRoad to develop an entirely new way to fill potholes quickly.

NeuRoad Pothole Patchmobile - Process Equipment Marketing

Using systems designed for process equipment assembly lines, NeuRoad’s Pothole Patchmobile drives over the pothole, calculates volume, ejects the exact amount of asphalt patching material, packs and rolls the patch flat and uses ultraviolet hardening to instantly solidify the patch – the patched surface is then immediately ready for road traffic. The Patchmobile is a self-contained unit about the size of a standard tractor-trailer. Everything required to patch potholes is carried onboard and the unit can operate at about 30 mph.

Operation of the NeuRoad Patchmobile requires very little training. In fact, the driver just has to drive over the pothole and the Patchmobile does the rest. A series of 3D scanners in the front of the unit uses lasers to image the pothole. Powerful air blasts clean and dry the area to be filled. Rescanning calculates the precise volume of the pothole and injectors much like a printer head, prints the material into the potholes as the unit drives by at up to 45 feet per second. Rollers then contact the special asphalt material and level it to the road’s surface. The final step in the process is the ultraviolet hardening that readies the patch for immediate use.

The entire operation only requires one operator. Daily operation requires filling the unit with the special NeuRoad asphalt material, which is similar in cost to other high-quality patch materials. The onboard electric generator and air compressor provide all the power needed for the NeuRoad Patchmobile. Municipalities will find this is a cost-effective way to quickly repair potholes as fast as the operator can drive over them. Approximately 10 miles of road can be repaired per onboard batch of NeuRoad asphalt patch.

About NeuRoad Industries, Inc.
NeuRoad Industries is a new company currently considering a Kickstarter Campaign to design and produce the first Pothole Patchmobiles. They can be reached at their marketing communications firm, Lohre & Associates, Inc., 126A West 14th St., 2nd Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-961-1174. For more information contact Chuck Lohre [email protected].

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Advancing Information Sharing Through Digital Industrial Marketing

National Association of Electrical DistributorsThroughout the entire three days at NAED AdVenture, there were several panel discussions and break-out sessions specifically designed for electrical manufacturers and distributors to discuss their relationship together; outside the realm of marketing. They were designed to help each sector better understand the other and to address key issues or topics that each had. Bringing the industry together in this fashion is extremely helpful to both parties and gives each party something to strive for in bettering relationships and processes with one another.

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